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Function & Characteristic

Explosion proof CCTV performance with GB3836.1-2000 " electrical apparatus for explosive gas atmospheres - General requirements ", GB3836.9-2000 " electrical apparatus for explosive atmospheres - encapsulated electrical apparatus " " m " provisions of the encapsulated structure.


Product type: RFYT-Ex

Internal number: RFYT301

Explosion proof mark: Exm T6


Function characteristics:

The shell adopts aluminium alloy materials, waterproof, dustproof, can prevent general corrosion

Permanent magnet low speed synchronous motor, quiet operation, smooth,

Internal circuit pouring closure, safe, and reliable

Alloy transmission gear assembly, stable rotation, wear resistance

Selection of automatic and preset function of the explosion-proof decoder, implementation of multi point monitoring and automatic cruise

Convenient installation, easy maintenance, can choose bracket wall, base, post, tower installation

Top bearing, load up to 16KG


Application environment:

The head is the use of pouring type design of monitoring product, its principle is that the device may generate a spark or high temperature part poured in a casting agent, which can ignite the surrounding explosive gas or flammable substances


Apply to A, B, C type combustible gas ignition temperature group, group T1-T6 District 1, District 2, combustible gas or vapor and air to form an explosive mixture of place, also applies to the ignition T1-T6 temperature group group 20, zone 21, zone 22 zone, containing combustible dust mixture of places, such as: oil, chemical, military, medicine, oil depot, oil drilling platforms, gas station, gas station, fireworks production, food processing, storage and so on.

Packing Details
Explosion proof CCTV mark
Load capacity
Rotation angle
The level of 0-350 degrees, + 60 degrees vertical
Speed of rotation
Level 6 degrees /sec, vertical at 5 degrees /sec
Control mode
Decode controller
Working voltage
Working current
Ambient temperature
-25鈩 ~ +70鈩
Ambient humidity
Outline dimensions
Outlet size
G 1/2 " * 1涓
Installation mode
Bracket wall, base, post, tower
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