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Explosion proof CCTV stainless steel protective cover

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Product Name : high temperature water-cooling antiseptic explosion-proof CCTV cover
Internal number: RFWH380/SS
Explosion proof CCTV performance with GB3836.1-2000 " electrical apparatus for explosive gas atmospheres -- part first: General requirements ", " GB3836.2-2000 explosive gas environment with explosion-proof CCTV electrical equipment - Part second: Flameproof Enclosure" d " " provisions made of explosion-proof CCTV structure.
Product type: RFKB-Ex
Explosion proof CCTV class: ExdⅡ CT6 / ExdⅡ BT6
Product material: high quality stainless steel ( 304/316 )
Features: adopts a double-layer stainless steel production, can be used in corrosive environment
Protective cover with water from the lower end of the outer chamber, water inlet of cooling water through the water input, the cavity from the upper ends of the outlet, take away heat, and can be applied in high temperature environment
Windows with nano stealth wipers, non-stick water, non-stick oil, exclusion of dust
Application of special explosion-proof glass, luminous flux rate is high
Cavity size is larger, can install a variety of bolt or one machine camera
Indoor, outdoor installation, all-weather use, protection grade IP66
Front end input compressed air inlet, preventing dust adhesion, to clean the window function ( optional)
According to customer requirements, with network module / optical transceiver module / wireless transmission module

Application environment: applicable to high temperature, corrosion monitoring places with explosion-proof requirements. Such as: the chemical industry, steelmaking, ironmaking, military, medicine, food processing and storage.

Packing Details

Explosion proof CCTV mark


Environment temperature


Atmospheric pressure of


Relative humidity


Cooling water temperature


Cooling water pressure


Cooling water flow of

0.85 cubic /H

Size chip

131mm ×380 mm(long)

The size of the diameter of just

105mm ×275 mm(long)

The outlet hole size

G 1/2 " * 2

Installation platform

a fixing bracket



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