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Explosion proof CCTV head

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Internal number: RFYT400

Explosion proof CCTV performance with GB3836.1-2000 " electrical apparatus for explosive gas atmospheres -- part first: General requirements ", " GB3836.2-2000 explosive gas environment with explosion-proof CCTV electrical equipment - Part second: Flameproof Enclosure" d " " provisions made of explosion-proof CCTV structure.


Product type: RFYT-Ex

Explosion proof CCTV mark: Exd CT6/Exd, BT6

Product material: high quality carbon steel ( stainless steel optional, used in the corrosive environment )

Features: side loading, the rotation angle is wide, the large load capacity

Alloy gear smooth rotation, small noise, abrasion, explosion-proof, waterproof, dustproof

High hardness high quality carbon steel production, spraying the surface processing

The need for an external controller or the decoding controller


Application environment: applicable to A, B, C type combustible gas ignition temperature group, group T1-T6 District 1, District 2, combustible gas or vapor and air to form an explosive mixture of place, also applies to the ignition T1-T6 temperature group group 20, zone 21, zone 22 District, containing a combustible dust mixture. E.g.: petroleum, chemical, mining, military, medicine, oil, ships, drilling platform, gas station, fireworks production, food processing and storage.

Packing Details

Explosion proof CCTV mark


Equipment material

Quality carbon steel

Load capacity


Rotation angle

Horizontal vertical±90 degrees 0-350 degrees

Speed of rotation

Level 6 degrees / sec

Control mode

PTZ controller or the decoding controller

Protection grade


Power supply voltage

AC 220V

Working current


Ambient temperature

-25 ~ +70

Ambient humidity

<95% (+25)

Outline dimensions


Outlet size

G 1/2 " * 1



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